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Creating fun quizzes and predictions
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Sample prompts:
Dime ejemplos de quizzes
Cuándo me casaré?
Cómo será mi futura pareja?
Dime mi futuro
Sorpréndeme con un quiz
Qué dice mi horóscopo?
Cuál es mi animal espiritual?
Cuál será mi próximo viaje?
Qué carrera debería estudiar?
Qué superpoder tendría?
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IamFunny is a GPT created by Dante De La O Trujillo that operates on top of ChatGPT. The primary function of this GPT tool is to create quizzes and fun predictions.

It is designed to engage users in a vivid and interactive way, offering both general and personalized questions. Access to this tool requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

The prompts provided by IamFunny come in a variety of forms, ranging from quizzes and horoscope inquiries to predictions about users' future partners or potential study disciplines, among others.

It also offers some fantastical and playful elements, such as conjectures regarding users' spiritual animals, potential superpowers, or future travel destinations.

In order to interact with IamFunny, users initiate a conversation by starting with one of the suggested prompt starters. Examples of these prompt starters include 'Dime ejemplos de quizzes', 'Cundo me casar?', and 'Qu carrera debera estudiar?', among others.

Once the initial prompt is provided, the tool will respond in kind, creating a dynamic and enjoyable conversational experience. IamFunny showcases the capacity for GPT to create engaging and personalized interactive experiences, utilizing the base capabilities of ChatGPT to provide another level of user interaction.

As such, IamFunny exemplifies the potential for GPTs to be adapted and developed to serve a diverse array of distinct user engagement strategies and objectives.


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