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Video quizzes for multiplayer education & entertainment.
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Kwizie is an AI quiz game maker designed to transform passive video consumption into engaging multiplayer quizzes. With Kwizie, users can easily create interactive quiz games from any video content and share them with others through a QR code or a unique link.

The platform is trusted by educators, learners, and content creators, offering data-driven learning through its powerful analytics dashboard. Kwizie stands out for its ability to rapidly assess learning from various types of video content, allowing users to make data-driven optimizations and refine their delivery strategies.Unlike traditional methods of designing interactive activities or investing in expensive services and materials, Kwizie offers a cheaper, easier, and faster solution.

It optimizes its AI for educational excellence by utilizing novel algorithms and the best AI models available. The platform is designed to be used on-the-fly, accessible anywhere on major device types, including desktop, tablet, and mobile.Kwizie's multiplayer quiz games offer a fun way for friends, colleagues, or students to interact and learn together.

Users can try out the platform for free and take advantage of the extensive library of video content from leading experts in various domains. Kwizie's impact has been recognized by renowned experts in education worldwide, who praise its ease of use and time-saving capabilities.

The platform has also received awards and features from prestigious organizations and events in the education and technology industries.By revolutionizing video-based learning, Kwizie aims to enhance engagement and promote effective learning outcomes.


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