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Learn from multimedia content with AI-powered quiz generation tools.
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Larq is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance learning through the generation of quizzes. The primary function of Larq is to convert live meeting sessions, recorded courses, or uploaded videos into engaging quizzes.

Adopting formats such as YouTube video links and PDF files, Larq enables the construction of quizzes based on pre-existing content. Moreover, the application works with text from meetings, providing comprehensible content for which quizzes can be created.

An integral feature of Larq is its ability to assess the effectiveness of these quizzes by showing results with analytical precision. Users can view and analyze the performance of quiz participants, fostering an understanding of the information uptake, hence provoking possible adjustments and enhancements.

This tool can be used among diverse teams - higher education institutions can verify the understanding and progress of remote students while employers can test employee comprehension concerning meetings.

Additionally, it supports the creation and evaluation of quizzes for online courses at scale.


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Larq was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 13th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates quizzes from meetings
Works with YouTube videos
Supports PDF files
Analytical quiz assessment
Performance analysis for participants
Adapts to user understanding
Enhances remote learning
Ideal for higher education
Useful for employee training
Suits online course creation
Scaleable quiz evaluation
Conversion of pre-existing content
Live session quiz generation
Interactive learning facilitation
Content analysis capabilities
Retention verification tool
Remote session hosting
Automated quiz creation
Effectiveness checks for quizzes
Rapid results display
Multi-format content adoption


Limited input formats
No offline functionality
Dependent on quality of source
No interactive learning elements
Lacks custom quiz creation
No mobile applications
Quiz effectiveness metrics limited
No adaptive learning capabilities
Learning paths not included
No API integration mentioned

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