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Quiz with visual options and friend rankings
GPT welcome message: Start a visually engaging quiz about your friendships!
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Friend Tacit Understanding Test is a GPT that leverages the power of ChatGPT to provide an interactive and engaging quiz about your friendships. This GPT is distinguished by its visual options and the capability to rank friends based on their understanding of you.

It allows users to initiate a visually engaging quiz about their friendships. The GPT's intended use is to stimulate thought-provoking and revealing discussions among friends, as well as to challenge each other's knowledge about various aspects of their friendships.

This GPT offers commendable versatility, ranging from starting the quiz to inviting friends to take the quiz, finding out which friend knows the user best, to reviewing the quiz questions and answers.

This wide range of interactive options engages users in an absorbing and insightful experience that not only tests but also strengthens friendships. Users need to sign up to ChatGPT Plus for access to this GPT.

The GPT prompts users with varied starters, offering an interactive platform for users to explore. Developed by the community builder, the Friend Tacit Understanding Test maximizes the use of AI technology to bring friends closer and form a deeper understanding of each other.

It offers a unique opportunity to explore friends' perceptions and knowledge through a visually engaging quiz, providing a novel approach to maintaining and strengthening interpersonal relationships.


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