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Multiplayer trivia game with endless topics.
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Booom is a multiplayer trivia game powered by artificial intelligence. Players can invite friends, colleagues, and family to play and compete on endless topics.

The game has been built using the Playroom platform, and generates AI-based questions for players to answer. Players can also customize the game to their own preferences, and the game can be played on any device.

The game is easy to use and provides an engaging way to test your knowledge against friends and family. In addition to being entertaining, the game also helps to increase knowledge and understanding of various topics.


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Sep 26, 2023
It only generates 10 questions. As a beta, I guess I understand but I'm not hanging around to see if this limitation is removed.

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Booom was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Multiplayer Trivia Game
Endless Topics
Customizable Preferences
Device Agnostic
Engaging Gameplay
Knowledge Enhancement
Platform independent
Invite Friends to Compete
Powered by Playroom Platform
Featured on Product Hunt
Fun and Educational


Cannot play offline
No single-player mode
Dependent on Playroom platform
No customizable difficulty levels
No categorizing of topics
Endless topics can be overwhelming
May lack expert-validated data
Requires internet connection


What is Booom?
How does Booom work?
Can Booom be played on any device?
What makes Booom different from other trivia games?
How can I invite friends to play Booom?
What is the Playroom platform that Booom is built on?
How does Booom generate questions?
Can I customize my Booom game?
What kind of topics does Booom cover?
Does Booom increase understanding of various topics?
How can I play Booom?
Why is Booom described as an 'AI Trivia Battle'?
Is Booom a multiplayer game?
How is AI involved in Booom?
Where can I play Booom?
Is Booom available on Product Hunt?
Can I compete with family in Booom?
Can Booom be used for educational purposes?
How does Booom ensure engagement while play?
Does Booom support multiplayer trivia battles?


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