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Mobile app for fostering meaningful conversations.
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Deeper: Relationship Questions is a mobile application that helps users engage in more meaningful conversations with their partners by providing them with random relationship questions generated by AI.

The app does not require users to create an account to use it but offers the option to purchase question credits and create an account when they do. The questions are all generated using the latest OPENAIS GPT-4 model.

The tool works by presenting the user with a random question that they can use to start a conversation with their partner. Users can still use their question credits anytime after purchasing them, as long as they have credits in their account.

The app deducts question credits only once the user has seen or received a question. In terms of privacy and security, the app has a privacy policy and terms of service that users can read before downloading and using it.

Users can also contact the app's developer through email, Twitter, or Instagram. Overall, Deeper: Relationship Questions is a user-friendly mobile app that leverages AI technology to enhance communication in relationships.

It offers a simple and effective way of engaging in more meaningful conversations with one's partner and can be used without requiring an account to be created.


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Deeper was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


No account required
In-app purchases
Optional account creation
Enhances communication
Generates random questions
Boosts meaningful conversations
Credits usable anytime
Active developer contacts
Strong privacy policy
Comprehensive terms of service
Anytime credit deductions
Detailed FAQ section
API time-out protection
Available on iOS
Available on Android
Transparent credit usage
Made with passion
Positive social impact


Paid question credits system
Random question generation only
No option for custom questions
No in-app customer support
Question use deducts credits
No offline usage
Limited social media support
Cannot preview questions before use


What is Deeper: Relationship Questions?
How does Deeper: Relationship Questions work?
Is it necessary to create an account to use Deeper: Relationship Questions app?
What is meant by question credits in Deeper: Relationship Questions?
How does the deduction of question credits work on Deeper: Relationship Questions?
Does Deeper: Relationship Questions monitor or store your conversation details?
What kind of relationship questions does Deeper: Relationship Questions generate?
Are there any fees associated with Deeper: Relationship Questions?
Can I use the Deeper: Relationship Questions app on both iOS and Android?
How is AI used in the Deeper: Relationship Questions app?
How secure is user data with Deeper: Relationship Questions?
Is there any customer support available for Deeper: Relationship Questions?
How do I contact the developers of Deeper: Relationship Questions?
In what situations is Deeper: Relationship Questions most useful?
What is the GPT-4 model used by Deeper: Relationship Questions?
How does Deeper: Relationship Questions help enhance communication in relationships?
Can I still use my question credits after purchasing them on Deeper: Relationship Questions?
Do question credits expire on Deeper: Relationship Questions app?
What should I do if I face issues while using Deeper: Relationship Questions?
Are there any user reviews available for Deeper: Relationship Questions?


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