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(SST) is a GPT that delivers friendly social skills quizzes with an anime thematic twist. This tool primarily focuses on generating quizzes that are designed to help users improve their social skills in various scenarios encompassing work-related issues, power harassment from supervisors, or gaining trust from subordinates, exemplifying its diverse utility in facilitating the development of social competencies.

A distinct feature that augments this GPTs appeal for users is the personified anime-themed presentation of the quizzes, enhancing the user interface while simultaneously making the learning process more engaging.

However, please note that access to this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus, indicative of its operating framework over ChatGPT. Upon initiating a session, users are greeted with an anime-inspired fun social skills quiz, substantiating the aim of this GPT to provide an enjoyable and interactive learning experience.

The prompts provided in this GPT are engineered to target a wide array of social nuances, further enabling users to learn and adapt to different social conditions as they interact with the tool, which could potentially pave the way for enhanced interpersonal relationships or better workplace dynamics.


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(SST) was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 9th 2024.
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