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ByImad Annouri
Creating challenging, witty quizzes with a roast for wrong answers.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to 'What Am I'! Ready for a guessing game?
Sample prompts:
Guess the animal: I'm known for my impressive mane.
Can you identify this creature: I have a unique laughing call.
What animal am I? I'm the fastest on land.
Try to guess: I can change colors to blend in with my surroundings.
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What Am I is a GPT that offers a unique interactive experience for quiz enthusiasts. This tool leverages the potential of AI by generating engaging and intellectually stimulating quizzes.

Known for its distinctive charm, What Am I specializes in creating types of quizzes where it provides subtle hints to users, and they are expected to guess the correct answer.

One of the salient features of this GPT is its sense of humor. If a user gives an incorrect answer, the tool lightly roasts them, making the experience both playful and different from traditional quiz-taking.

The roasts are meant to be amusing rather than offensive, adding a whimsical touch to the user's interaction.The quiz topics can vary widely, with one of its notable areas being animal quizzes.

Herein, users are prompted with quirky descriptions of different animals, and they must identify the animal based on the given clues. Examples of clues might range from physical attributes to unique behaviors.

A creative aspect of this tool is the challenge it presents by its selection of words and choice of hints, making users think deeply to decode the clues.Additionally, this GPT requires the users to sign up, ensuring a personalized quiz experience.

The welcome message initiates the users into the quiz game in an inviting manner. Prompts are crafted to be active and engaging rather than passive statements, evoking the users' curiosity.As an AI-based tool, What Am I also evolves and learns from each interaction to refine and improve its quizzes further.

This feature enables it to adjust the difficulty and variety based on user preferences, accuracy, and session engagement levels.In summary, What Am I is a conversational AI tool designed to generate nimble and entertaining quizzes, making e-learning a fun-filled experience.


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What Am I was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2023.
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