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Creating MCQs from lectures, grading, and making flashcards.
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QuizGPT is a productivity-oriented GPT that chiefly assists in processing lecture content and extracting maximum educational value from it. Its key functionalities involve generating Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from lectures, grading these questions, and creating flashcards for review and retention.

This GPT operates on lecture content supplied as PDF documents, engaging the user in a participative session where the learning material is dynamically converted into a quiz format.

After generating the MCQs, QuizGPT can also grade these quizzes, providing users with instant feedback on their understanding. Additionally, it aids in the creation of flashcards, specifically catering to questions that have been answered incorrectly in the quizzes.

These flashcards then serve as an effective tool for users to revise and rectify areas of misunderstanding or knowledge gaps. QuizGPT offers adaptive learning by transforming lecture materials into an interactive quiz, thereby redefining the way users learn and recall information.

The GPT can be prompted to perform tasks such as uploading lecture PDFs, answering MCQs, and requesting flashcards for incorrectly answered questions, among others.

Through its smart processing and intuitive interaction mechanism, QuizGPT enhances the scope and intensity of independent learning.


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