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Creating high-converting lead generation quiz funnels with AI.
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Convertlyio is a tool designed to create lead generation quizzes, leveraging the power of AI to create customized, high-converting quiz funnels. With its no-code interface, its user-friendly for digital marketers.

The tool focuses on capturing 'high-intent' leads, those that show a readiness to purchase services or products. More than a quiz generator, Convertlyio also provides personalized results and tailored product or service recommendations based on user responses.

The tool offers extensive customization options, enabling users to match the quiz's aesthetics to their brand. The quizzes created can be easily embedded onto various pages of a website such as home page, product pages, or blog posts.

Convertlyio additionally introduces feature-rich personality for quiz-takers, allowing the creation of conditional paths and outcomes.With this tool, you can create a unique user journey based on individual responses.

Other features include answer piping for personalized follow-up questions, custom URL redirects, multiple outcome pages, seamless integration of projects as pop-ups or embedded content, and an easy-to-use quiz editor.

Another significant feature is Connect & Send, which allows form data to be integrated with over 6,000+ apps via Zapier, effectively joining Convertlyio to your favorite CRMs, ESPs, or productivity tools, creating a data processing powerhouse.


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Convertlyio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 11th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Lead generation quizzes
High-converting quiz funnels
Personalized results and recommendations
Extensive customization options
Aesthetics matches brand
Easily embed on website
Feature-rich personality options
Conditional paths and outcomes
Unique user journey creation
Answer piping feature
Custom URL redirects
Multiple outcome pages
Pop-ups or embedded integration
Easy-to-use quiz editor
Connect & Send feature
Integration with 6000+ apps
Joins with CRMs, ESPs
Forms data processing powerhouse
Captures high-intent leads
Qualifies ready-to-convert leads
Creates personalized experiences
Logic jumps feature
Maps multiple outcomes
Automates processes
Syncs data seamlessly
Quick quiz funnel generation
Target market specific funnels
Personalize follow-up questions
Adds custom external redirects
Shows different final pages
No-code user-friendly interface


Lacks native CRM integrations
Dependent on Zapier
Limited to quiz-oriented lead-gen
No detailed user analytics
No retargeting features
Limited outcome page designs


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How does Convertlyio enable the creation of conditional paths and outcomes?
What is the answer piping feature in Convertlyio?
What does the custom URL redirect feature in Convertlyio do?
How many outcome pages can Convertlyio support?
How can Convertlyio’s quizzes be integrated as pop-ups or embedded content?
Which apps can Convertlyio integrate with?
What functions does Convertlyio’s Connect & Send feature provide?
How does Convertlyio assist in conversion optimization?
How easy is it to use the Convertlyio quiz editor?
Does Convertlyio include CRM and ESP integration?
What are the benefits of using Convertlyio for lead generation?
How does Convertlyio personalize results and recommendations?
How does Convertlyio’s interactive content benefit digital marketers?
Can I try Convertlyio for free before purchasing?

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