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BySam Sperling
Creating fun and factual multiple choice quizzes.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Quiz Master! Let's create a fun and factual quiz. What's your topic and difficulty level?
Sample prompts:
Hold an interactive quiz on movies (last 20 years), beginner level.
Design a 10 questions quiz about classic literature, easy level.
Create a 5 questions challenging quiz on modern technology.
Generate a 5 questions quiz on space, medium difficulty.
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Quiz Master is a GPT developed to allow users to create engaging, informative quizzes on various topics. It presents a unique approach to learning and entertainment by integrating flexible quiz-generation capabilities.

The tool requires the use of ChatGPT Plus and offers users the possibility to engage in interactive quizzes across diverse themes including but not limited to movies, classic literature, modern technology, and space.

It offers varying difficulty levels, encouraging users from beginners to experts to participate and engage according to their knowledge and expertise.

Through Quiz Master, users can generate multiple-choice quizzes tailored to their specific preferences. Users have the creative liberty to determine the number of questions, ranging from short 5-question quizzes to longer ones, and select their desired difficulty level.

By welcoming users to create fun and factual quizzes, Quiz Master revolutionizes the interactive learning experience, making it a versatile tool for both educational and entertainment purposes.

Its strategic design promotes accessibility and user engagement, making it an instrumental tool in stimulating interest and nurturing an enriching educational environment.


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Quiz Master was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 23rd 2023.
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