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ByPaul G Moreira
Interactive music trivia master with Spotify and Apple Music
GPT welcome message: Guess the tune from these lyrics and options! Let's play!
Sample prompts:
Let's play!
Start trivia by asking me what genre
Let's start with rock trivia!
Let's start! I want to be on the leader board!
Let's start with pop trivia!
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Song Trivia is a GPT created by Paul G Moreira that offers an interactive and entertaining quiz experience based on music. The GPT leverages both Spotify and Apple Music to challenge users on their music knowledge.

Users can participate in this trivia by guessing the tune from specific lyrics along with various options provided. Furthermore, Song Trivia incorporates different music genres for a diverse and expansive trivia experience.

Users can initiate a trivia session with commands like 'Let's play!', 'Start trivia by asking me what genre', 'Let's start with rock trivia!', 'I want to be on the leader board!', or 'Let's start with pop trivia!'.

These commands create a spontaneous and fun way to interact with the GPT. Song Trivia delivers an intriguing gameplay experience that engages users while also improving their music knowledge.

However, it may require ChatGPT Plus for advanced features. This GPT provides a unique blend of music and trivia, turning the learning experience into a fun and entertaining activity.

It suits individuals keen on testing their music knowledge or those simply wanting to learn more while playing a game. The GPT accords players with the opportunity to be on the leader board, adding a competitive aspect to the game.


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