Statistics learning 2023-10-17
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ByManohar Golleru
Providing stats education with quizzes and visual aids.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Try shortcuts: 'term-def' for definitions, 'sum' for session summaries, 'lvl' for level info, and 'plan' for lesson plans.
Sample prompts:
sum next session
lvl 50 details
plan for probability
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Stat Helper is a GPT developed by Manohar Golleru that provides a comprehensive learning platform for statistics. This tool is particularly structured towards providing statistics education in a leveled format, integrating tools for summary, quizzes, and visual aids to ensure continuous, step-by-step learning.

The Stat Helper GPT goes beyond simple lesson presentation, offering interactive tie-ins such as quizzes to reinforce learning and visual aids that help provide a more concrete understanding of statistical concepts.

Furthermore, it offers an array of shortcuts for a personalized learning experience, including 'term-def' for definitions, 'sum' for session summaries, 'lvl' for level info, and 'plan' for lesson planning.

The prompt starters within this GPT include instructions such as 'median-def', 'sum next session', 'lvl 50 details', and 'plan for probability'. These prompts indicate that this AI tool is built to fulfill more than just the conventional teaching functions.

It allows learners to delve deeper into specific topics, giving them the chance to ask for detailed sessions focused on particular areas of interest such as 'probability' or specific statistical terms and levels.Stat Helper necessitates an active ChatGPT Plus subscription, underlying the importance of compatibility between AI tools in providing a holistic experience.

This makes the Stat Helper GPT an important asset in the field of AI-driven education, particularly for those wishing to learn, practice or enhance their knowledge in statistics in a flexible, interactive and efficient manner.


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