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Generate a quiz from your PDF content.
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Sample prompts:
Help me generate a quiz from my PDF document
Aide moi à générer un quiz à partir de mon document PDF
Generate a google form quiz about Programming languages, 3 questions
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PDF-to-Quizz is a GPT developed by generative-ai.ca that has been configured specifically to design quizzes based on the contents of a PDF document. This GPT aims to facilitate the learning process by enabling users to generate targeted quizzes from their study materials to aid understanding and knowledge retrieval.

In addition, it could be used by educators to quickly create quizzes based on course material or by professionals who want to create quizzes from business documents for training purposes.

The GPT is multilingual; it can generate quizzes in English and French, illustrated by the given starter prompts: 'Help me generate a quiz from my PDF document' and 'Aide moi gnrer un quiz partir de mon document PDF'.

Moreover, it is also capable of creating quizzes with specific topics, such as Programming languages. Nonetheless, it requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for access.

The PDF-to-Quizz, through its innovative use of AI, aims to transform how we learn or teach by creating interactive learning tools from static resources.


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