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ByMarcus S Elola
Generating pop quizzes from your topics and preferences.
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Sample prompts:
Create a quiz about European history.
Generate a math quiz for beginners.
Make a science quiz with multiple choice questions.
Develop a quiz on modern art theories.
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Pop Quiz is a GPT that has been designed to create custom-made pop quizzes according to the user's topics and preferences. This unique tool leverages the underlying capabilities of ChatGPT, extending the functionality to incorporate quiz formulation based on a desired subject matter.

The objective of this GPT is to enable users to generate quizzes on a myriad of topics that can be utilized for educational purposes or general knowledge enhancement.

The versatility of the tool is evident in the range of quizzes it can create; be it European history, beginner level mathematics, science with multiple-choice questions, or even modern art theories.

The user can simply issue a command like 'Create a quiz about European history', and the tool will generate a pop quiz on that specific topic. Please note that the usage of the Pop Quiz GPT requires ChatGPT Plus.


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Pop Quiz was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 5th 2024.
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