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Turn your PDFs into test questions effortlessly.
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Practici is an AI-driven educational tool that facilitates efficient and effective studying by converting PDF documents into interactive quiz questions and answers.

Positioned to serve both students and teachers, this platform leverages AI capabilities to perform an effortless transformation of PDFs into different types of test questions, thereby enabling active learning experiences.

With Practici, users can create personalized quizzes to fit their study requirements, significantly enhancing their comprehension of the learning material as they regularly interact with it during practice sessions.

Broadly, by introducing a less conventional and more engaging approach to learning, Practici offers users the opportunity to improve their knowledge retention while also reducing their study time.

In addition to its core functionality, Practici also provides a Free Flashcard Generator service, further augmenting its offering to the educational community and catering to various learning strategies and needs.


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Practici was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 27th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Converts PDFs to quizzes
Personalized quiz creation
Various types of questions
Adaptive learning
Free Flashcard Generator
Serving students and teachers
Enhances practice sessions
Improves knowledge retention
Reduces study time
Effortless PDF transformation
Encourages active learning
Caters to different learning strategies
Digital learning platform


Limited to PDF input
No offline functionality
Unclear variety of question types
No multi-language support
Potential misinterpretation of material
Lack of advanced customization options
Doesn't mention compatibility with educational platforms
Unspecified user data handling
Lack of professional development tools


What is Practici?
How does Practici use AI?
What is the main function of Practici?
Can I convert PDFs into practice quizzes with Practici?
What types of test questions can Practici create?
Can I create personalized quizzes with Practici?
How does Practici aid in knowledge retention?
Can Practici help me reduce my study time?
Who can use Practici?
What is the Free Flashcard Generator service of Practici?
Can Practici adapt to different learning strategies and needs?
How does Practici enable active learning experiences?
How is Practici different from other study tools?
Is Practici only useful for students?
Can teachers also utilize Practici effectively?
Does Practici support various types of test questions?
How does Practici work to enhance comprehension?
Can I use Practici for test preparation?
What are the core features of Practici?
How can Practici contribute to a more engaging approach to learning?

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