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ByFrancois Mouton
Designs unique trivia quizzes with a futuristic twist.
GPT welcome message: Greetings! Enter the realm of futuristic trivia with Trivia Bot.
Sample prompts:
Create a question to identify the animal in the picture.
Generate 10 easy trivia questions on history, mcq.
Create a quiz about animals, 2 questions, hard, img.
I need an impossible level music trivia, 7 questions, std.
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Trivia Bot is a GPT developed with a primary function of creating trivia quizzes with a unique futuristic touch. Built on top of ChatGPT, it leverages the advanced capabilities of GPT technology to generate challenging and engaging trivia.

The bot can create multiple forms of quizzes, the structure of which is determined by the user's input. For instance, users can ask it to generate multiple-choice history questions, an image-based animal quiz, or even an extremely difficult music trivia.

The versatility of this bot makes it suitable for a broad spectrum of trivia enthusiasts, educators, and those seeking a fun learning tool. Furthermore, the futuristic twist to the questions can arounse curiosity and provide an incomparable trivia experience.

To utilize this tool, users need to have ChatGPT Plus. Its important to note that the tool's functionality is subject to augmentations for improved user experience in the future.

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