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Quizgecko is a powerful AI-powered quiz generator that allows users to generate unique and interesting quizzes from any text or URL in just seconds. It is suitable for use with text content such as books, articles, documents, websites, and even technical documentation.The AI-powered quiz generator features multiple question types such as multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and fill in the blank.

It also allows users to set the difficulty level of questions and the number of questions, as well as to select the language of the quiz.For extra convenience, Quizgecko also offers a Chrome extension that quickly turns any web page into a quiz.

For best results, users can export their Powerpoint files to PDF first before uploading them to the quiz generator.In addition, Quizgecko offers a Pro feature that allows users to input up to 5,000 characters for more accurate results and generate quizzes up to 10 questions.

This feature also allows users to access all languages, including Abkhazian, Achinese, and Adangme.


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Nov 15, 2023
Hands down the best AI powered question generator out there. High quality questions, easy to use and very easy to share quizzes.

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Pros and Cons


Generates quizzes from text
Generates quizzes from URL
Generates quizzes from document
Generates quizzes from books
Generates quizzes from articles
Generates quizzes from websites
Generates quizzes from technical documentation
Multiple question types
True/false questions generation
Multiple choice questions generation
Short answer questions generation
Fill in the blank questions generation
Difficulty level setting
Number of questions setting
Language selection feature
Chrome extension available
Supports large text input
Supports multilingual quiz generation
Quiz generation from Powerpoint files
Automatic question generation
Customizable question limit
Supports up to 5000 characters
Supports wide variety of languages
API Access
Can integrate with other systems
Allows multiple users
Offers Pro feature for advanced options
Supports exporting quiz as text
Supports exporting quiz as CSV
Aiken format support for LMS integration
Can use any text for quiz
Can upload files for quiz generation
Supports generating questions from web pages
Supports publishing and sharing quizzes
Option to add titles and descriptions to quizzes
Option to rate generated quiz results
Enables feedback provision
Provides advanced options with Pro plan
Generates quizzes from factual text
Supports sharing quizzes with teams and students
Generates optimised questions from long text
Supports multiple quiz generations per month
Enhanced quality of results with larger text
Supports extraction of text from URLs
Supports generation of questions from articles
Supports generation of questions from notes
Supports unlimited number of quizzes generation
Ideal for e-learning and HR professionals
Ideal for developers
Supports direct generation from web pages


Character limit 5000
Quota on quiz generations
Limited number of questions
Overly complex for simple quizzes
Must upgrade for longer texts
More users requires business plan
Suboptimal text results in incorrect answers
Question quality varies with text content
Ideal text content quite specific


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What is the limit for the number of questions in Quizgecko?
Can I use Quizgecko for creating quizzes from technical documentation?
Does Quizgecko support multiple languages for quiz creation?
What is the Quizgecko Chrome extension and how does it work?
How can I export my quizzes in Quizgecko?
What is the character limit for input in Quizgecko's Pro feature?
What is the source for the content of Quizgecko quizzes?
Is there a minimum word count requirement for creating quizzes with Quizgecko?
How accurate are the quizzes generated by Quizgecko?
What is the purpose of the 'tip' feature in Quizgecko?
How can I share my quizzes from Quizgecko?
What is the function of Quizgecko's Developer API?
What are the benefits of the Pro feature in Quizgecko?
Are there any restrictions on the text content that can be used to generate quizzes in Quizgecko?
Can Quizgecko turn any web page into a quiz?

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