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Turn any content into an AI-powered quiz in a click.
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QuizWizard is an AI-powered tool that generates interactive quizzes from various forms of content such as videos, articles, Google Docs, PDFs, and texts.

Through this tool, users can convert YouTube videos, blog posts or documents into interactive quizzes visually enriched by integrable multimedia content.

The tool is designed to foster engagement and learning and provides options to embed the generated quizzes seamlessly into any site, making them easily accessible to various audiences.

It also enables the export of quizzes to Google Forms, streamlining their distribution. QuizWizard can be effectively used for content creators looking to increase email signups as it prompts quiz takers with a call-to-action to view their quiz results via a supplied email.

Apart from improved learning experiences and visitor engagement, the tool offers additional features including the creation of quizzes in multiple languages, which widens the quiz's cultural reach and inclusivity.

QuizWizard also simplifies the sharing of your quizzes by offering the option to publish them and share them directly with students or audiences through a simple link, as well as a straightforward process for collecting responses.

This tool can enhance marketing efforts by accelerating email list growth, inviting casual site visitors down a path towards becoming loyal subscribers.


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QuizWizard was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 23rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates quizzes from various content
Converts YouTube videos to quizzes
Blog posts to quizzes conversion
Document to quizzes conversion
Interactive quizzes with multimedia content
Embed quizzes into any site
Exports to Google Forms
Prompts for email signups
Quizzes in multiple languages
Publish quizzes with a link
Simplifies collection of responses
Boosts email list growth
Turns videos into engaging quizzes
Transforms PDFs, Docs, Texts into quizzes
Creates quizzes from any public blog URL
Streamlines quiz distribution
Maximizes email signups
Shares quizzes directly with audiences
Integrating multimedia for more engagement
Allows content conversion into quizzes
Enables multi-language quiz generation
Quizzes can be shared with simple link
Boosts marketing with email list growth
Facilitates easy audience response collection
Creates quizzes from blogs
Designs for maximizing email signups
Effortless publishing and sharing
Supports multimedia integration in quizzes
Generates quizzes from Google Docs
Quizzes can be embedded anywhere
Facilitates diverse question creation
Seamlessly integrates quizzes into websites
Can create quizzes from any document
Supports various blog platforms
Can convert article to quiz
Transforms videos to interactive quizzes
Enables easy submission collection process
Accelerates email list growth
Offers universal quiz embedding feature
Quiz creation in multiple languages
Facilitates content interaction with quizzes
Promotes learning engagement with quizzes
Designed for global audience reach
Prompts email CTAs for quiz results
Enhances content accessibility and inclusivity
Generates quizzes in one click
Enhances learning experiences with interactivity
Invites deeper material interaction with quizzes


Limited quiz generation per year
No free version available
Limited email responses
No API Access for most plans
No custom feature request option
Focused on email signups
Lack of robust analytics
No mention of data privacy
Limited exports to Google Forms

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