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Crafting climate quizzes from user preferences and IPCC reports.
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Can you create a quiz on renewable energy?
What are some questions for a hard-level climate change quiz?
I need an easy quiz on deforestation.
Help me with a medium difficulty quiz on emissions.
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Climate Quiz Creator is a GPT designed to generate quizzes focused on the topic of climate change, utilizing both user preferences and trusted sources, such as IPCC reports.

This tool is capable of generating quizzes across various difficulty levels and on a range of climate-related topics. It provides users an avenue to engage with the subject matter and test their knowledge on climate change, renewable energy, deforestation, emissions, and more, based on scientifically-backed information.

These quizzes not only serve educational purposes, allowing users to deepen their understanding of the global climate crisis, but also cater to individual preferences, thus making the learning experience more personalized and interactive.

To craft a climate quiz, users simply input their desired topic and difficulty level, and the GPT guides the creation process through prompting starters.

Users must sign up to access the Climate Quiz Creator, which requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus. Created and managed by, the Climate Quiz Creator is a reliable resource for anyone seeking to explore or reinforce their learning about climate change.


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