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Expert in creating academic quizzes.
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Sample prompts:
Create a 10-question math quiz for grade 8 students.
Generate a questionnaire on European history with multiple choice questions.
I have a text on biology. Can you make a quiz from it?
Build a mixed-type questionnaire on Shakespeare's plays.
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The GPT Quiz Generator, an intelligent tool build on top of ChatGPT, is designed to assist users in creating academically-oriented quizzes. Whether the user is a teacher planning to assess students' understanding in a specific subject, or anyone interested in creating formal quizzes, this GPT can serve as a requisite.

This tool comes with a formal yet approachable demeanor, producing quizzes that are professional in quality and engaging in nature. It caters to multiple subjects spanning Mathematics, History, Biology, and Literature, among others, and can create quizzes of varying complexity levels, making it versatile and adaptable.

The GPT Quiz Generator can create a quiz given a set of instructions, it can also generate a quiz based on a given text. This unique feature allows users to transform a specific textual content into an interesting questionnaire, facilitating more context-based learning and assessment.

To utilize this GPT, users will need to sign up, and provide the necessary context or text for the quiz generation. The GPT crafts questions meticulously while ensuring they align with the provided context, thereby delivering educational quizzes tailored to specific needs.

Note, usage of this service requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus.


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