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ByJohn Anthony Guerrero
Learn coding with the ultimate coding tutor!
GPT welcome message: Hello
Sample prompts:
help me learn Python3 as a newbie
talk to me about emerging languages
talk to me about the basics of Mojo?
Help me learn Go!
Help me learn R
Help me learn C++
Help me learn swift?
Help me learn intermediate Python3.
Walk me through a coding project.
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Coding Tutor is a GPT designed to assist users in learning how to code. It aims to function as a virtual tutor, generating responses and providing guidance to beginner or intermediate coders.

Key areas that Coding Tutor covers include, but are not limited to, Python3, emerging programming languages, the basics of Mojo, Go, R, C++, and Swift.

The tool is designed to facilitate a conversational learning experience as opposed to traditional learning methods, making it easier for learners to grasp programming concepts.

Coding Tutor utilizes the capabilities of chat interaction, enabling users to seek help with coding languages and dive into coding projects. For instance, with prompts like 'help me learn Python3 as a newbie,' it guides the learners through their journey from basics to intermediate level proficiency.

This GPT also encourages users to learn about the details and implementation of various coding languages. It offers interactive prompts like 'talk to me about emerging languages' or 'talk to me about the basics of Mojo?' to provide insights about various languages, their uses, and fundamental concepts.

Furthermore, Coding Tutor also offers assistance to learners working on coding projects. With prompts like 'Walk me through a coding project,' learners can receive step-by-step guidance, making learning interactive, and more efficient.

Note that the Coding Tutor is a GPT add-on for the ChatGPT platform and requires access to ChatGPT Plus for functionality. It reinvents the way of learning coding by coupling it with AI technology, providing a unique and dynamic learning experience.


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