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Enhanced personalized education for outcomes.
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Languify is an AI-driven tool that aims to enhance the educational experience by providing personalized solutions for platforms in the education sector.

It offers a range of features to improve assessments, interviews, student communication, and overall learning outcomes.The tool includes Languify Teach & Train, which enables teams to enhance their teaching methods through AI-powered solutions.

This feature helps to reduce operational time and costs by automating assessments, progress monitoring, and grading. It also provides detailed feedback on speech and understanding factors during viva voces, allowing teachers to make smarter choices for their students based on individual performance.Languify also offers InPrep, which focuses on helping students ace interviews by providing AI-powered virtual mock interviews.

It allows customization of interview questions using smart filters and provides tailored feedback on speech and content parameters to improve interview skills.For students, Languify offers features that allow them to study at their own pace, make learning more engaging through gamification, and track their progress with a smart dashboard.

Instructors can give individual attention to students through AI, automate assessments, and track progress and performance of individuals and batches.

The tool also assists organizations in cutting down on operational time and costs, maximizing student engagement and retention, and analyzing student and mentor performance simultaneously.Languify's goal is to make learning accessible for every student by addressing the pain points of the EdTech and upskilling space.

It is designed to integrate smoothly with existing EdTech systems and platforms, making it an adaptable solution for educational institutions.


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