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Efficient lecture slide to cheat sheet conversion.
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FGenEds is a tool created by Sphere Labs that provides an efficient way of turning lecture slides into cheat sheets. It allows users to upload a PDF of their lecture slides and FGenEds will quickly transform them into organized cheat sheets for easy studying.

With FGenEds, users can save time and money by avoiding tedious lectures and instead quickly compile important information into a more organized format.

FGenEds also offers 5 free cheat sheets for users to utilize and is committed to maintaining the privacy of its users with a comprehensive Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


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Mar 22, 2024
Server overloaded error constantly.

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FGenEds was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Efficient lecture slide conversion
Direct PDF upload
Creates organized cheat sheets
5 free cheat sheets
Explicit Terms of Service
Useful for students
Simplifies studying process
Minimizes tedious class attendance


Only supports PDF upload
Limited free conversions
No mobile app
Can't adjust output format
Privacy concerns with uploads
No support for languages
Doesn't support real-time editing
Inefficient for image-based slides
Can't customize cheat sheets
Inability to handle complex slides


What is FGenEds?
How does FGenEds work?
Can I upload any type of document to FGenEds or only PDFs?
How does FGenEds turn my lecture slides into cheat sheets?
How can FGenEds save me time and money?
What are the 5 free cheat sheets offered by FGenEds?
How many cheat sheets can I generate with FGenEds?
What is the Privacy Policy of FGenEds?
What are the Terms of Service of FGenEds?
Is FGenEds committed to user privacy?
What is the parent company of FGenEds?
How can FGenEds improve my studying?
Is there a limit on the number of slides I can upload to FGenEds?
Can I customize the format of the cheat sheets on FGenEds?
Does FGenEds only convert lecture slides?
Do I have to sign up to use FGenEds?
Can FGenEds help me if I find lectures boring?
Is there any cost involved if I want to use FGenEds beyond the 5 free cheat sheets?
Will FGenEds watermark the cheat sheets?
Does FGenEds offer any support or tutorials on how to use the tool?


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