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Easy-to-use web-based tool for creating machine learning models
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Teachable Machine is an easy-to-use web-based tool for creating machine learning models with no expertise or coding required. It can be used to recognize images, sounds, and poses, by gathering and grouping examples into classes that you want the computer to learn.

Training a model is fast, and you can instantly test it out to see if it can correctly classify new examples. Models can be exported for use in sites, apps, and more, and you can choose to use it entirely on-device without any webcam or microphone data leaving your computer.

Teachable Machine is compatible with TensorFlow, ML5.js, p5.js, Coral, Framer, node.js, Glitch, and Arduino, and you can use files or capture examples live.

Tutorials are available to help users get started, and there are plenty of projects that have been made with Teachable Machine, such as a DIY experiment connecting Arduino and Teachable Machine, an assistive communication device, a game controller using a webcam and a piece of paper, and a physical machine that you can teach to rapidly recognize and sort objects.

It can even be used to create a video game controller. It is a powerful tool for creating machine learning models with a wide range of applications.


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Pros and Cons


Web-based tool
No coding required
Can recognize images, sounds, poses
Fast model training
Instant testing available
Export models for use
On-device usage option
Compatible with TensorFlow
Compatible with ML5.js
Compatible with p5.js
Compatible with Coral
Compatible with Framer
Compatible with node.js
Compatible with Glitch
Compatible with Arduino
Can use files or live input
Available tutorials
Can create game controller
Wide range of applications
Can classify audio
Can classify body positions
Several project examples
Models work with JavaScript
Export to different formats
Available lessons & activities
Train models with own data
Supports file and live capturing
Several supported output formats


No coding required limits customization
Requires substantial data input
Limited to three modalities: image, sound, pose
Compatibility issues with other platforms
Dependent on user provided class grouping
Models may lack complexity
Errors in classification not easily rectified
No advanced analytics
Limited export formats
No user community for troubleshooting


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Can Teachable Machine recognize images, sounds, and poses?
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Can I test my models instantly with Teachable Machine?
What can I do with the models created by Teachable Machine?
Can Teachable Machine operate entirely on-device?
What languages and technologies is Teachable Machine compatible with?
What sort of tutorials are available for Teachable Machine?
Can I use files or live examples with Teachable Machine?
Can I use Teachable Machine to create a game controller?
Can Teachable Machine sort objects?
Are there any successful projects made with Teachable Machine?
How respectful is Teachable Machine of my data?
How can Teachable Machine be utilized in assistive technology?
Can I teach a physical machine using Teachable Machine?
Can I use Teachable Machine to recognize specific body positions?
Can Teachable Machine recognize simple sounds I make?
Where can I find more examples of what's been done with Teachable Machine?
Is Teachable Machine suitable for learning about machine learning?

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