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SpeakFit.club is an AI-powered language practice tool that allows users to improve their speaking skills in over 20 languages at high (B1-С1) levels. The platform provides users with debatable questions and interesting topics to express their opinions and engage in conversations within a 5 minutes time frame.

Users can integrate the phrases from the list into their answers and learn to use them in active speech. The service uses GPT4 model for precise voice recognition, advanced phrases practice, and offers users two types of correction options: highlighting only basic errors or suggesting rephrasing to make speech sound more native like.

Additionally, the platform offers progress tracking, milestone achievement rewards, leaderboard and notifications to maintain users' motivation and engagement.

SpeakFit differs from ChatGPT and Duolingo in terms of specialized features, progress tracking, and fresh daily topics for discussions that make it more efficient and user-friendly for advanced learners who aim for improving their conversation skills.

The voice recognition feature allows users to speak slowly and take pauses to think, confident that their speech will be recognized correctly, this creates a sense of safety that encourages users to express themselves fully.

With its gamification feature and regular updates, SpeakFit is a recommended language practice tool for those who aim to advance their speaking skills.


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SpeakFit was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports 20+ languages
High level language practice
Debatable and interesting topics
5 minutes conversation frames
Advanced phrases practice
Precise voice recognition
Two types of corrections
Progress tracking
Milestone achievement rewards
Leaderboard feature
Notifications for engagement
Safe for slow speakers
Daily fresh topics
Gamification features
Regular updates
Overcoming intermediate plateau
Promotes thinking in foreign language
Convincing language for career goals
Interesting fact prompts
Convenient chunks of practice
Supports speech pauses
Phrase usage learning
Improved speech rephrasing
Can highlight only basic errors
Active speech learning
Grammarly-like corrections
DeepL-like rephrasing
Error corrections viewer


Limited to high-level learners
No low-level practice offered
Debatable topic might be tough
Dependent on GPT4 model
Topics might not be customized
Limited correction options
Errors only highlighted, not explained
May not work in noisy environments
Could be time-consuming
Doesn't offer live interaction


What is SpeakFit.club?
How does SpeakFit.club's voice recognition feature work?
Which languages can I practice on SpeakFit.club?
What levels of language proficiency does SpeakFit.club cater for?
How does SpeakFit.club help to improve conversation skills?
What are the daily topics for discussion on SpeakFit.club?
How does SpeakFit.club's correction system work?
Can I track my progress on SpeakFit.club?
What is the GPT4 model used by SpeakFit.club and how does it help?
How can SpeakFit.club make my speech sound more native like?
How is SpeakFit.club different from ChatGPT and Duolingo?
What is the 'intermediate plateau' and how does SpeakFit help me overcome it?
What is the gamification feature of SpeakFit.club?
What is SpeakFit.club's phrases practice feature all about?
How does SpeakFit.club ensure that my speech is recognized accurately?
How long does a typical SpeakFit.club session last?
How does a typical session on SpeakFit.club work?
Can you explain the milestones achievements on SpeakFit.club?
What safety measures does SpeakFit.club offer for users?
How can the tool help advance my career goals?

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