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Create interactive content in minutes
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An AI-powered builder helping to create content for interactive marketing, skills tests, and much more.

With Meiro, you can create tests, quizzes, or text games (soon) in seconds to educate, engage, or learn more about your audience using built-in AI and an all-in-one platform designed to deliver your content in the most convenient way possible.

Key Features:

✨ Create content with AI on any topic: Describe your idea, choose desirable options, and Meiro will do the rest.

✨ Create content with AI from content: Upload your files: books, text, or simply paste any link. The generated challenge will be based on your content.

✨ Customization: Edit questions, change blocks, colors, buttons, or whatever you like.

✨ Ready-to-publish platform: Generated content will be ready to publish in one click or embedded anywhere you want.

✨ Lead capture: Built-in powerful lead form with everything you need.

✨ Analytics: Measure success with counts of views, starts, completions, and lead forms.

✨ Integrations: Bring analytics to another level with your favorite tools like Google Sheets, Webhooks, Airtable, and much more.

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Jun 11, 2023
It comes up with better,and more correct, questions and answers than it's competitors. It is easy to use.

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Meiro AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 11th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Immersive learning content creation
Instant content creation
Free use in beta
Six types of blocks
Lead forms feature
Detailed analytics
Custom design option
Integrates with various apps
Score-based results system
Advanced security features
User-friendly interface
Varied question customization
Roadmap and changelog updates
Twitter updates
Time constraints feature
Fingerprint security
IP protection
User-agent protection
Customizable challenges
Google Sheets integration
Airtable integration
Zapier integration
Webhook integration


Still in beta phase
No offline functionality
Customization might be limited
No mobile app access
Not fully developed integrations
Lack of advanced features
Limited protection measures
Free, future pricing unknown
No comprehensive score report
Possibility of frequent bugs


What is Meiro AI?
How does the AI magic of Meiro AI work?
What types of content can I create with Meiro AI?
What are the six types of blocks offered by Meiro AI?
How can I customize the quizzes and games on Meiro AI?
Can I integrate Meiro AI with other applications like Google Sheets or Zapier?
What are the security features of Meiro AI?
Where can I access Meiro AI?
Can I set a timer for the quizzes on Meiro AI?
How does scoring work on Meiro AI?
What platforms can I use Meiro AI with?
How can I stay updated about the changes and updates of Meiro AI?
Is the Meiro AI tool free to use?
Is there a roadmap for Meiro AI I can refer to?
Can I follow Meiro AI on any social media platforms?
What is the process for creating content on Meiro AI?
Can I assign points for correct answers in Meiro AI?
What is the user-interface like for Meiro AI?
How can I login or get started on Meiro AI?
Can Meiro AI be used for educational purposes?

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