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Paperclips is an AI-based tool that generates high-quality flashcards from PDFs of course notes using ChatGPT, making it easier for students to learn and prepare for exams.

This tool has been designed to be used with many platforms, including Anki, Quizlet, Zorbi, PDF and CSV, giving users the flexibility to export their flashcards to their desired platform.

It seamlessly integrates with GoodNotes and Notability, making it convenient for students to use and ensure they can access their notes from various devices.Paperclips has been designed to work well for high school students and college students.

It generates an unlimited number of flashcards, with users having the option to choose from a monthly, four-monthly or yearly pricing plan, depending on their needs.The tool's AI-based technology makes it different from other similar services.

Paperclips uses ChatGPT to ensure that the generated flashcards are of high quality and relevant to the course material. Unlike other services, Paperclips offers more platform flexibility, and can export to platforms like Zorbi.The website has a FAQ section that answers most common questions that users may have, and allows users to give feedback and suggest improvements, making it easier for the developers to make the necessary updates.

Overall, if you desire an effective, AI-based tool that simplifies the process of preparing for exams, Paperclips is a reliable option.


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Pros and Cons


Generates flashcards from PDFs
Compatible with multiple platforms
Exports to Anki, Quizlet, Zorbi
Seamless integration with GoodNotes and Notability
Ideal for high school and college students
Generates unlimited flashcards
Offers monthly, four-monthly, and yearly pricing plans
Uses ChatGPT for flashcard generation
Exports to PDF and CSV
Feedback and improvement suggestions encouraged
FAQ section on website
Specifically designed for students
Broad subject coverage
For digital and physical notes
Save time on flashcard preparation
Impressive platform flexibility
Capable of handling unlimited PDFs
Saving options with long-term plans
Decent customer support


Doesn't support handwritten notes
Lack of a free version
Potentially limited subject areas
Paid subscriptions mandatory for unlimited use
Can have redundancy in flashcards
Depends heavily on quality of input
No offline functionality
No native mobile applications


What is Paperclips?
How does Paperclips generate flashcards?
What platforms does Paperclips integrate with?
Can Paperclips flashcards be exported to Anki or Quizlet?
How does the AI of Paperclips ensure high-quality flashcards?
Who is the target audience for Paperclips?
Is there a limit to the number of flashcards Paperclips can generate?
What pricing plans does Paperclips offer?
How is Paperclips different from other flashcard services?
Does Paperclips have a free version?
How can I give feedback or suggest improvements for Paperclips?
Does Paperclips work with any specific subjects or disciplines?
Do I need any special software to use Paperclips?
Can I access my notes from multiple devices with Paperclips?
Does Paperclips support digital notes and if so, which platforms?
Can I save my flashcards as PDF or CSV files using Paperclips?
What kind of material does Paperclips work best with?
Can I use Paperclips for group studying or is it individual based?
How does the export feature work on Paperclips?
Is Paperclips available on both desktop and mobile platforms?

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