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Coached vocals for musicians and singers.
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EVITA is a vocal coaching tool powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). It offers a range of features to help users develop their singing and vocal abilities.

With EVITA, users can explore their repertoire, characters, and musicals, as well as generate vocal exercises, find new songs, and get detailed analysis and insights into their performance.

EVITA provides a personalized vocal coaching experience for individual users, helping them improve their vocal abilities with bespoke exercises designed solely for them.

Users can also ask complex questions about voice, technique, singing, and more, and get accurate and comprehensive answers. Additionally, EVITA enables users to write new song lyrics, create custom vocal warmups, exercises, and cooldowns, and access a vast database of pre-loaded vocal exercises, warmups, and cool downs.The tool is also capable of song and character analysis, providing deep contextual understanding of lyrics, character analysis, and even generating portraits of characters in different art styles.

Furthermore, EVITA understands the Hero's Journey framework and can help users comprehend where their character is in their overall journey through their story.

Overall, EVITA offers a range of powerful features to help users immerse themselves in the arts and learn new things about the musicals and songs they love, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their singing and vocal abilities.


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EVITA was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized vocal coaching
Bespoke exercise creation
Complex question answers
New song lyrics writing
Custom vocal warmups creation
Song and character analysis
Art style character portraits
Hero's Journey framework understanding
Detailed performance analysis
Individual user experience customization
Vocal exercise database
Help find new songs
Understanding of lyrics context
Breath control guidance
Voice theory learning
Vocal issues resolution assistance
Sheet music discovery
In-depth character portraits
Song Finder feature
Internal Monologue generation
Songwriting assistance
Tongue twisters generator
Shakespearean text translation
Summary of singing lessons
Action plan post-lesson
Character exploration
Singing stamina management guidance
Vocal mastery guide
Mixing technique education
Song and character insight generation
High notes reaching assistance
Repertoire expansion
Character-related query resolution
Vocal cooldowns creation
Supports difficult techniques
Exploration of musicals
User lesson recording upload
Masterclass in voice theory
Entire Hero’s Journey understanding
Customizable vocal exercises
Lyric writing assistance
Unique vocal needs considerations
Musical discovery tool
Live character portraits
Vocal cool downs
Modern English translation of Shakespeare
New hit song creation
Detailed review of lessons
Vocal development action plan


No offline functionality
Potential inaccurate results
Requires regular fact-checking
Public Beta stability issues
Only personalized coaching
Doesn't mention security
Questionable character image accuracy
Shakespearean translations might not be accurate
Potential inappropriate exercises
Waiting list for access


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How does EVITA assist with song analysis?
Can EVITA assist me in finding new songs suited for my singing range?
What assistance does EVITA offer in understanding and interpreting song lyrics?
How does the song finder feature of EVITA work?
How can EVITA help develop my Shakespearean monologues?
Can EVITA summarize my singing lessons?
What is the Hall of Fame feature on EVITA?
How can I join the waiting list for EVITA?
What are the prerequisites to use EVITA?
Is there a community or support group for EVITA users?


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