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Personalized academic feedback via chatbot.
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ProfBot is an AI-powered chatbot designed to help university students improve their academic performance. It offers personalized feedback in real-time, enabling students to study and engage with their education anytime and anywhere.

ProfBot is available 24/7 and can be accessed from any device. The tool is user-friendly and integrates with OpenAI to create powerful learning experiences for students.

The chatbot is built on the understanding of the purpose and capabilities of a learning tool, providing personalized feedback to learners which can significantly improve their academic performance.ProfBot is easy to use and offers a personalized approach to learning by providing feedback and guidance based on each student's learning needs.

The tool operates through a user-friendly interface and is designed specifically for university students. As a result, it enhances the learning experience and helps students to achieve a higher level of academic success.

The tool is developed by ProfBot.ai, co-founded by Dr. Sean Wise, a professor of Entrepreneurship. The website uses cookies to provide the best online experience.

ProfBot is an innovative solution for students looking for a personalized learning experience that can help them achieve academic success.


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ProfBot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


24/7 availability
Accessible from any device
Personalized academic feedback
Real-time guidance
User-friendly interface
Tailored for university students
Supports self-paced learning
Enhanced learning experience
Co-developed by university professor
Designed for academic success
Supports remote learning
Interactive learning tool
Improves study engagement
Caters to individual learning needs
Innovative learning solution
See demo available
Waitlist signup feature
Contact page available
Guides on how it works
Focused on learner improvement


No multilingual support
Limited to university students
Lacks offline functionality
No mobile app
Doesn't integrate with LMS
Cookies may raise privacy concerns
Not designed for younger students


What exactly is ProfBot?
What is the main purpose of ProfBot?
How can ProfBot help me improve my academic performance?
How personalized is the feedback from ProfBot?
How does ProfBot function in real-time?
Is ProfBot accessible 24/7?
Can I use ProfBot from any device?
How user-friendly is ProfBot interface?
How does ProfBot integrate with OpenAI?
What role does AI play in the ProfBot tool?
How does ProfBot understand each student's learning needs?
Who is the target group for ProfBot?
Who has developed the ProfBot tool?
Who is Dr. Sean Wise?
How can ProfBot contribute to my academic success?
What data do the cookies on the ProfBot website collect?
Where can I see a demo of ProfBot?
What are the steps to sign up for the waitlist of ProfBot?
What does the 'About' section cover on the ProfBot website?
How can I contact ProfBot team?

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