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Lingually.AI is a language learning tool that focuses on enriching the language learning experience for users with the help of AI technology. This tool offers a Chrome extension that can detect and correct grammar mistakes in real-time, which helps users confidently practice their chosen language without worries.

Its translation features aid user comprehension by providing highly coherent translations for English words and phrases. Lingually.AI supports multiple languages, making it an essential tool for learners all around the globe.

In addition to its basic features, Lingually.AI also offers advanced features, such as text simplification, translation for complex texts, and explanations about the corrections suggested.

The tool also has a fast learning package plan to help users learn quickly with the ultimate learning plan for frequent use. The fast learning package includes access to the basic Chrome extension features, increased grammar checks, and access to text simplification and translations.

Furthermore, the tool is working on a whole new AI-powered language learning platform.Lingually.AI offers a free trial in which users can try its grammar correction extension with 25 free grammar checks when subscribing with their email.

This is an indie language learning project that appreciates users' use and opinion of the tool.


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Lingually was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension available
Real-time grammar correction
Provides coherent translations
Supports multiple languages
Text simplification feature
Translation for complex texts
Explanations for corrections
Fast learning package
Free trial with 25 checks
Increased grammar checks in packages
Additional checks for subscribed users
Supports indie language learning
Easy-to-use interface
Focuses on user comprehension
Guaranteed early platform access
Spaced repetitions coming soon
Option for simplified text
Rewrites complex text
Email subscription for free checks
Multi-tiered package options


Chrome-only extension
Limited free trial checks
Requires email subscription
No mobile application
Slow update on features
Paid advanced features
Lacks user community
No offline functionality
Only supports English texts
Limited supported languages


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What advanced features does Lingually.AI offer?
What is the text simplification feature in Lingually.AI?
How does Lingually.AI handle complex text translations?
Does Lingually.AI explain the corrections it suggests?
What is included in the fast learning package of Lingually.AI?
How much does Lingually.AI cost?
What does the Lingually.AI free trial offer?
Are there any upcoming features or updates for Lingually.AI?
Is Lingually.AI a solely a Chrome extension?
What is the process to subscribe to Lingually.AI?
How does the real-time grammar check feature of Lingually.AI work?
How many grammar checks do I get per month with a basic tier subscription?
What is the translation feature of Lingually.AI and how does it work?
What is the ultimate learning plan for frequent use in Lingually.AI?

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