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Sample prompts:
/plan I want to learn special relativity
/language Chinese
/plan I want to learn integrals
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Mr. Ranedeer is an AI-based educational tool designed to provide personalized tutoring. This tool is a Generation Personalized Tutor or GPT developed on top of ChatGPT.

It formulates an interactive and dynamic learning environment to guide users in a variety of educational fields. The application's capabilities are not limited to specific topics of study, making it a versatile learning partner.

Users have an opportunity to learn different languages, like Chinese, or to dive into complex scientific concepts such as special relativity and learn about integrals.

Interaction with Mr. Ranedeer is similar to chat communication, which promotes a seamless education experience. A variety of command prompts including /plan, /config, and /language make the tool customizatable according to the user's learning preferences.

For instance, if a user wishes to understand special relativity, they would use the command '/plan I want to learn special relativity'. It is necessary to highlight that usage of Mr.

Ranedeer requires ChatGPT Plus to fully utilize its features. It is a web-based tool, hence access doesn't require substantial system perquisites and is accessible from any browser-compatible device.


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