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Java development using machine learning.
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OpenAIValue is a startup company that offers a product called Digital Developers™, which are fully customizable developers powered by the advanced GPT-4 model.

These digital developers are designed to provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional Java developers, with exceptional capabilities. They can work around the clock, 24/7, to deliver fully-tested, high-quality code through continuous delivery.

Digital Developers™ can be easily scaled in the cloud using the "DevOps as Code" system, which is available for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. One unique feature of Digital Developers™ is that they can be customized with eight different default skins and outfits, in addition to other options that are available for purchase.

They are designed to automatically provide a balanced mix of simulated skills, backgrounds, cultures, genders, and experiences using an auto-balancing prompting system.

This eliminates any potential concerns over soft-skills, as Digital Developers™ are concerned only with software development.For a limited time, users can pre-order a team of 5 or more Digital Developers™ and receive a Digital Designer™ for free.

The Digital Designer™ is based on OpenFlamingo, an open-source large multimodal model (LMM), which is capable of processing and generating both images and text.

Overall, OpenAIValue's Digital Developers™ is a unique offering for those seeking specialized developers with customizable features and advanced capabilities.


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OpenAIvalue was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Fully customizable developers
24/7 work cycle
Delivers high-quality code
Continuous delivery
Easy scalability in cloud
Compatible with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
Auto-balancing prompting system
No worry about soft-skills
Free Digital Designer with preorder
Based on GPT-4
Can be skinned with outfits
Multimodal capabilities
Process and generate images and text


Only Java development
No offline version
Limited customization options
Cost for additional options
Only works on cloud
Restricted to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
No performance metrics provided
No open-source code available


What is OpenAIValue's Digital Developers™?
How does Digital Developers™ work?
What is the role of the GPT-4 model in Digital Developers™?
What are some key features of Digital Developers™?
How do Digital Developers™ offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional Java developers?
How does the 'DevOps as Code' system work?
What cloud platforms is Digital Developers™ compatible with?
What customization options are available for Digital Developers™?
What is the auto-balancing prompting system in Digital Developers™?
How does Digital Developers™ handle a mix of simulated skills, backgrounds, genders, and experiences?
How does OpenAIValue address concerns over soft skills in Digital Developers™?
What is the pre-order offer from OpenAIValue?
What is the functionality of the Digital Designer™ coming free with pre-orders?
What is the role of OpenFlamingo in the Digital Designer™?
How does the Digital Designer™ handle design and text generation?
How can Digital Developers™ improve the software development process?
How to contact OpenAIValue for inquiries?
What services other than Digital Developers™ does OpenAIValue offer?
What is the future scope of OpenAIValue's Digital Developers™?
Where can I find updates and news about OpenAIValue?


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