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IDE plugin for plain English code explanations.
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TLDR is an IDE plugin that utilizes AI to explain code in plain English in order to quickly build the mental context of methods that are not understood instantly.

It supports almost all programming languages and is available in free and paid versions, with the paid versions increasing the rate limits. The AI system processes the code and returns a plain English explanation.

It is still in beta and does not always understand the code correctly, however, this is improving over time. The plugin is available for download from the JetBrains plugin marketplace and can be canceled at any time.

TLDR allows developers to save time by quickly understanding code and provides an easy way to understand complex code.


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Jetbrains IDE Plugin was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 15th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple programming languages
Available in free version
Plain English code explanations
Ideal for understanding complex code
Time-saving tool for developers
Explains SQL queries
Explains regular expressions
Useful for new codebases
Easy installation from JetBrains
Simple pricing
Organizational pricing plans
Individual pricing plans
Helpful for understanding colleagues' code
Cancellable anytime
Accessible via JetBrains plugin marketplace
Graceful rate limiting
Email support for paid versions
Priority support for organizations
Available for multiple IDEs
Efficient for understanding legacy code
Aids in rapid onboarding
Free credits for API use
Ability to upgrade anytime
In-built request size limits
Protection against overuse via rate limits
Supports most languages with exceptions
Offers quick mental context building
Improved readability of code
Helpful in explaining nonunderstood methods
Can be tried before purchase
Helpful in understanding expressions
Improves code comprehension
Tool by trusted company (Beyond Code)
Payment process streamlined with JetBrains
Increases productivity of programmers
May increase collaborative understanding
Aligns code with original programmer's intent
Quick summary of what code does
Helps with understanding undocumented code
Facilitates understanding of unfamiliar code
Continuous development and support


Only available for JetBrains
Still in beta phase
Can misinterpret code
Paid version needed for higher rate limits
Limited to number of requests
Limited size of request
No support for certain rare programming languages
Possible privacy issues with code sent to servers
No support for non-English explanations
Advance cancellation required for subscription


What exactly does TLDR do?
How does TLDR help developers?
Does TLDR support all programming languages?
Where can TLDR be downloaded from?
What is the difference between the free and paid versions of TLDR?
What does it mean when you say TLDR is 'rate-limited'?
What happens if TLDR doesn't understand the code?
How does TLDR explain SQL queries?
Can TLDR explain regular expressions?
What does it mean when you say TLDR is 'gracefully rate limited'?
How do I install the TLDR plugin in JetBrains?
How reliable are the TLDR explanations?
How does TLDR process the code?
What are the payment options for TLDR?
Can I cancel my TLDR subscription anytime?
Can TLDR assist in understanding a new codebase?
How can TLDR help in saving time for developers?
How often is the TLDR AI updated or improved?
How do the paid versions influence the rate limits?
What are the limitations in the free version of TLDR?


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