Code reviews 24 Oct 2022
Assisted code review.

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What-the-Diff is an AI-powered application that reviews the diff of your pull requests and generates a descriptive comment about the changes in plain English.

It uses the GitHub API to access the diff of your pull requests, and then uses an AI model to generate a summary of the changes. It supports nearly all programming languages, and can be configured to ignore PRs from certain branches, choose which files should be included/excluded from the summary, and generate comments on-demand.

It can also send weekly Slack notifications of all changes that happened in your repositories. What-the-Diff helps teams improve their code review and continuous integration process, and is free to use as long as they provide it, with the option to upgrade to paid plans if needed.

Tokens are used to process the git diff of pull requests, with an average pull request being ~2,300 tokens. Unused tokens do not roll over to the next month, so users should select the smallest plan and upgrade when necessary.

Whatthediff was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 16th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Reviews Pull Request diffs
Generates descriptive comments
Uses GitHub API
Supports nearly all programming languages
Can ignore PRs from certain branches
File inclusion/exclusion options
Comments on-demand
Weekly Slack notifications
Supports continuous integration process
Free basic tier
Flexible premium plans
Uses tokens to process diffs
Assists with code refactoring suggestions
Saves developer time
Summarizes changes instantly
Trained on huge dataset
Understands context of changes
Full control over analysis
Summarizes weekly repository changes
Improves code review process
Big diffs need more tokens
Does not store code
Plain English explanations
Can upgrade for more tokens
Token consumption transparency
Downgradable plans
No auto-plan upgrade
Supports multi-repository for premiums


Doesn't support all languages
Unused tokens don't roll-over
GitHub access to full code
Tokens required for big diffs
No automatic plan upgrade
Possible inaccurate summaries
No multilingual summaries
No tiered GitHub permissions
Doesn't store code or diffs
Limited notification platform (Slack only)


What is What-the-Diff?
Can What-the-Diff recognize all programming languages?
How does What-the-Diff work?
Is What-the-Diff free to use?
How does What-the-Diff use tokens?
Why does What-the-Diff need full access to my code?
Does What-the-Diff store my code?
Can What-the-Diff generate summaries on-demand?
How accurate is What-the-Diff?
What happens when I run out of tokens on What-the-Diff?
Can unused tokens be carried over to the next month in What-the-Diff?
Does What-the-Diff provide weekly summaries of changes?
Can I choose which files should be included/excluded from the summary in What-the-Diff?
Can I ignore PRs from certain branches with What-the-Diff?
How to cancel my subscription of What-the-Diff?
Does What-the-Diff upgrade plans automatically?
Can What-the-Diff help to improve the code review and continuous integration process?
How does What-the-Diff use the GitHub API?
Does What-the-Diff support other languages for the summary?
Does What-the-Diff train its AI model with users' code?

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