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Image customization for Snapchat users.
Generated by ChatGPT

Dream On, Together is a feature introduced by Snapchatters that utilizes AI technology to allow users to create and experiment with different personas and identities through fantastical images.

By using their own face, users can generate up to eight unique AI-powered selfies, which can be customized to resemble various identities such as a mermaid or a Renaissance-era royal.

Additionally, the feature also enables users to include their friends in these generated images, provided that their friends have also opted in.To access this feature, users can navigate to the Memories section of Snapchat, where a dedicated tab for Dreams has been introduced.

By uploading a few selfies, users can create a personalized Generative AI model, allowing them to explore and enjoy their Dreams. Initially, users are given eight complimentary generation options, with the ability to create more through in-app purchases.Dream On, Together is being initially launched in Australia and New Zealand, and will gradually become available to Snapchatters worldwide over the next few weeks.Overall, Dream On, Together offers Snapchatters a creative and engaging way to transform their appearance and explore different identities through the application of AI technology.


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Pros and Cons


Customizable avatars
Explore multiple identities
Includes friends in images
Dedicated tab in Memories
Option for in-app purchases
Worldwide availability
Supports creative expression
Transforms appearance in app
Eight generation options
Personalized model creation
Allows for group fun
Opt-in feature for friends
Regionally-staged release


Limited to Snapchat platform
Initial launch region-restricted
Requires in-app purchases
Limited customization options
Limited initial generations
Requires opt-in from friends

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