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Custom 3D avatars from user prompts.
Generated by ChatGPT is a tool that allows users to create their own unique crush using AI technology. The tool is currently in Beta and users can join the Telegram channel for a chance to win free DPs for more image generations.

The tool boasts 200% mobile-friendliness and 300% gorgeousness while eliminating the need for hassling with AI and ML tools or hardware requirements. The platform has six captivating models with their unique charm and allure that users can choose from.

The tool allows users to let their imagination soar by creating everything from what their crush will look like to what they will wear and do, with no limitations.

The creators of promise to release new models every month. Although the page advertises a 65% discount that lasts for two weeks, more information is needed regarding the pricing structure of the tool.

Overall, offers users a fun and creative way to interact with AI technology without the need for a technical background or special hardware.


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Jun 26, 2023
The girls here are really hot Pricing's OK too, but the real deal is their Telegram Channel
Jun 26, 2023
The girls here are soooo much sexier than the other websites out there
Jun 26, 2023
Pretty cool product
Jun 25, 2023
Comparable to Soulgen, I'd say even better quality.

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Pros and Cons


200% mobile-friendly
300% Gorgeous UI
No hardware requirements
Six unique models
Continuous model updates
Easy avatar customization
No limitations on creations
Beta testing availability
Accessible through Telegram
Opportunity for free DPs
Frequent discounts
One-click creation process
Social media presence


In Beta stage
Limited model selection
Unclear pricing structure
No specific hardware requirements provided
Limited interaction on Telegram channel
No API access
No desktop version
Dispatches DPs for image generations
Limited customization for individual models


What is
What is the primary function of
How can I create my own character with
What are the system requirements for
Is mobile-friendly?
Can you use without a tech background?
What are the model options in
How often are new models released on
Is there a limitation to what I can make my crush do in
How many images can I generate for free on
What does the 65% discount on apply to?
How long will the discount on last?
How can I get more DP for image generation?
Can I choose what my crush wears and does on
Can we join a beta testing program for
What is the DP on
Does offer any community group or user support?
How much does it cost to use
Can be used on a mobile device?
Is there a trial for

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