Character creation 2023-04-19
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Simple motion capture for digital character animation.
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MODIF is an AI motion capture tool designed by Plask that allows easy video shooting to apply your movements to a digital character. With MODIF, you can create new types of dynamic content and quickly generate amazing digital content on demand.

This tool simplifies the process of animating your own character by extracting your motion from a recorded/uploaded video and applying it to a character of your choice.

This platform is easy to use, and you can animate your character with just one camera shot. In addition, MODIF Generative AI enables you to enjoy various styles that change from K-Pop to Animation styles.

MODIF is available through an SDK that can be used across various industries like healthcare, metaverse, and social media. Add motion to your platform using the MODIF SDK.

Additionally, Plask offers a free AI drawing tool that can transform the power of your imagination into reality. To ensure ease of use, MODIF provides a user-friendly interface that requires no technical expertise.

Plask is an experienced AI provider that can help you navigate the world of AI technology with ease.


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Modif was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Single camera shot animation
Generates diverse animation styles
User-friendly interface
No technical expertise required
SDK availability
Useful in various industries
Facilitates dynamic content creation
On-demand digital content generation
Easy video shooting application
Animations from uploaded videos
Character choice flexibility
Recorded motion application
Motion extraction from video
K-Pop to Animation styles
Mobile friendly platform


Requires video for motions
Limited style options
Potential style uniformity
No noted offline functionality
Limited customization
Not open source
Vague SDK usage


What is Modif?
How does Modif work?
Can I use Modif for content creation?
Is Modif easy to use?
What industries can Modif be applied to?
Is there an SDK available for Modif?
What kinds of animations can I create with Modif?
Can I control the style of my Modif animations?
Is Modif suitable for social media applications?
Can Modif be used in the healthcare industry?
How does Modif extract motion from a recorded video?
What types of characters can I animate with Modif?
How can I apply motions to a digital character with Modif?
What is the Modif Generative AI?
Can I create free AI drawings with Modif?
What is Plask's role with Modif?
Does Modif require technical expertise to use?
Can I add my own characters to Modif?
What are the different styles available in Modif's generative AI?
Can I create K-pop style animations with Modif?

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