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A platform for creating believable digital characters.
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Inworld AI is a platform that enables developers to create realistic and believable characters for games, virtual worlds, and other digital experiences.

Inworld AI provides a suite of tools and SDKs that developers can use to easily create intelligent characters with unique personalities, memories, and emotional behaviour.

Inworld AI's platform is powered by 20 machine learning and character AI models that mimic human gestures, speech, safety, emotion, and memory. With Inworld AI, developers can create AI characters in minutes, refine them by testing in studio chat or in VR, and deploy them into games and virtual worlds using comprehensive packages for popular engines like Unity and Unreal.

Inworld AI also provides a Node.js SDK for developers. The possibilities for more immersive experiences are limitless, with AI-powered characters that can remember users, interact naturally, and express individual personalities.

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