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Creates consistent character profiles for you.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to the Consistent Character Creator!
Sample prompts:
Lisa, beautiful girl, 20 years old, wavy hair tied up high, European, black hair, blue eyes, wearing a croptop.
Could you describe your character's appearance and clothing?
What hair color and style should your character have?
What's the name and age of your character?
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Consistent Character Creator is a GPT designed to produce comprehensive and consistent character profiles. It works by taking user inputs on specific traits, such as name, age, physical characteristics, nationality, clothing, and other specified attributes.

From these parameters, it generates a detailed characterization, which may include all facets of a character's appearance, like hair color and style, clothing, and age.

It can be especially useful in scenarios where consistent character descriptions are required, such as in storytelling, gaming, or content creation. Being based on the ChatGPT platform, it also requires ChatGPT Plus subscription for optimal operation.

Users are welcomed with a warm greeting and can begin by inputting desired character attributes, providing an interactive way to build character profiles.

This GPT thus offers a creative tool for building diverse and detailed character representations based on user inputs.


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