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Creating consistent characters with your specified details.
Sample prompts:
real photo of woman, 20 years old, Japanese, blue eyes, ash blonde middle parted hair, long straight ponytail, huge pin up eyelines, soft blush in her cheeks, gold necklace, gold bracelet, matte and pale green nail polish, simple yellow t-shirt, simple short black skirt with a golden buckle, holding a pink mobile iphone 13 and looking at the phone, sitting on a wooden bench in Central Park, New York. She is laughing. Pink bag with long handles. people in the background. shot from the left.
illustration of male, 40 years old, Caucasian, black hair, Ivy League hairstyle, shaved beard, happy, red shirt, black jeans, eating a burger at a fast food in Paris. Left side shot.
soft drawing, pale and warm watercolor, a cute teenage kawaii brown Rabbit, long years pointing down, bangs, small mouth, small nose, big blue eyes, big brown eyelines, blush in her cheeks, blue shirt, eating strawberries, colorful flowers in pale colors on the background.
flat design drawing of melancholic gray rabbit, with a coat adorned in a checkered yellow tweed. haunting photograph, full body, sorrowful countenance, forlorn nature. The tweed coat is impeccably detailed, its intricate pattern complementing his desolate expression. Wears a yellow flat cap.
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Consistent Character is a GPT that enables users to generate a detailed description of a character based on specific parameters encompassing physical characteristics, location, and activity.

Adaptable to diverse inputs, users simply feed in details like gender, age, nationality, hair color and style, facial expression, attire, current action, and area, and the tool generates a comprehensive description of the individual.

This GPT appears particularly suitable for authors, content creators, designers, and anyone else looking for an intricate character portrayal. Additional features let the user tweak the expression details in the produced description to adapt it to varying contexts.

Users can also resolve common grammar issues such as an excess of full stops at the sentence end. Besides, the online platform '' offers a tutorial on how to utilize this GPT effectively.Although it requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, the specifications provided can range from real-world detail-based descriptions to illustrated and abstract presentations, indicative of the GPT's versatility.

For example, it can generate descriptions based on photographs of real people in various locations or offer softer, whimsical portrayals in the form of watercolor animals.In summary, Consistent Character is a GPT acting as a robust and versatile character description generator, useful in a variety of creative environments.


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