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Generates and explains lucky profile pictures based on I Ching, zodiac.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Tell me your birthdate and zodiac, and I'll create a lucky profile picture and explain its significance.
Sample prompts:
Explain how my birthdate influences my lucky profile picture.
Generate and describe a lucky image for me.
Create a profile picture based on my zodiac and explain its luck.
Design and explain a profile picture to enhance my fortune.
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Create a Lucky avatar image is a GPT that utilizes expertise in I Ching rituals and fate philosophy to design unique profile images, aiming at enhancing individual's luck based on their birthdate and zodiac signs.

This GPT blends these ancient concepts with the unique preferences of the user to create a bespoke avatar directed towards attracting good fortune. Pivotal in its function are I Ching and astrological principles.

I Ching, also known as 'The Book of Changes' is a cornerstone of ancient Chinese wisdom and is leveraged by this tool to decipher symbols and signs associated with particular birthdates and zodiac signs.

Integrating this understanding, the GPT crafts a 'lucky' avatar image for the user. It also provides users with an interpretation of the generated image, delineating the link between the user's personal data (birthdate and zodiac sign) and their bespoke lucky image.

With an ability to communicate both in English and Chinese, this GPT caters to a broad spectrum of users seeking to understand, in a more tangible, symbolic way, the influence of their birthdate and zodiac on their fortune.

Note that access to this GPT needs a ChatGPT Plus subscription and a detailed conversation or command can be initiated through various prompt starters.


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