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Creates avatars/profiles from user images.
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Picapiu! AI is an online tool that generates portrait images based on user-selected images. The tool can be easily installed as a Chrome extension and provides a 'Piu!' button on the top left side of every big image on webpages.

Alternatively, if the 'Piu!' button does not appear, users can right-click the image they want to use and select 'Piu!' from the context menu. Users can then choose any image they want and click the 'generate' button to generate an AI-generated portrait image.

The tool takes just a few seconds to generate an image, and users can download their results. The tool promises to generate portraits that resemble the chosen images in terms of pose, skin, hair color, etc., and users can try generating images multiple times until they find an image they like.

Picapiu! AI is a free tool that does not require a credit card to use, and users can use images from webpages or from their local drives. The tool has a FAQ section that answers common questions and invites users to join their Discord server or support them on Product Hunt.

Overall, Picapiu! AI is an easy-to-use and free tool that quickly generates portrait images with just a few clicks. However, it lacks any customization options and its AI-generated portraits may not be as accurate or detailed as portrait images manually created by professional artists.


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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension available
Quick image generation
Free of charge
No credit card required
Online tool
Bot and context-menu options
Multiple generation attempts
Resembles chosen image attributes
Uses images from webpages
Uses images from local drives
FAQ section
Downloadable results
User-friendly interface
Support on Product Hunt
Community support via Discord
No account required
Contextual right-click functionality
Gesture and pose recognition
Hair color recognition
Skin color recognition


Only available as Chrome extension
No image customization options
No control over generation
Doesn't support batch operations
Doesn't provide source code
Lacks mobile app version
Restricted to portrait generation
Function limited to web images
No privacy for uploaded images


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Is Picapiu! AI a free tool?
Can I use Picapiu! AI to generate portrait based on my photo?
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Can I expect the generated portraits to resemble me in terms of pose, skin, hair color, etc.?
Why does Picapiu! AI lack customization options?
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