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Chat and learn from a senior development manager AI.
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Adam is a GPT developed by This GPT simulates dialogues, designed to facilitate interactions as though the users are conversing with a senior R&D manager from a leading firm.

Adam's conversations are created to offer potential engagements and experiences similar to interacting with professionals leading technological development and advancements.

Users can use Adam to gain insights into the functionalities and responsibilities of a high-level manager in a technology-centric industry. By posing questions, the user can expect responses in tune with the knowledge and expertise of a senior R&D manager.

It is important to note that the use of Adam requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Therefore, interested users must sign up to access and utilize this tool.

Furthermore, its welcome message and prompt starters have been set to facilitate conversation starters for users. Despite its current functionalities, it is important to understand that the range of interactions and responses, as well as their accurate depiction of an R&D manager's perspective and expertise, might vary and is dependent on the complexity of the questions posed.


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Adam was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 15th 2023.
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