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Created and animated digital human avatars.
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Meshcapade is a cutting-edge AI tool developed by the Digital Human Company that combines computer vision and machine learning to convert various forms of data, including images, videos, and text, into realistic digital human avatars.

It offers multiple platforms for utilizing the tool's capabilities, including Meshcapade Me, Meshcapade Studio (digidoppel), and API integration for seamless integration into existing workflows.The tool provides a range of assets such as body models (SMPL), avatar technology, datasets, and texture packs to support the creation of accurate and versatile digital avatars.

Its patented technology ensures high accuracy in generating digital doubles and animating fantasy characters, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in industries like e-commerce, clothing design, games, AR/VR, fitness, and telepresence.Meshcapade simplifies the process of avatar creation by offering easy-to-use platforms for generating avatars from images, measurements, and scans.

It also supports avatar conversion and rigging, allowing users to drive their avatars' motions and emotions. Additionally, the tool provides motion capture solutions, motion libraries, and video capture capabilities to bring avatars to life with ultra-lifelike movements and expressions.With its comprehensive features and compatibility with various game engines and graphics software, Meshcapade enables businesses to explore the metaverse and leverage avatars for enhanced customer experiences.

It offers benefits for industries like clothing design, where avatars can be used for visualizing designs in motion and enabling better sizing and measurements for online shopping.Overall, Meshcapade empowers businesses in utilizing the power of avatars in a wide range of applications, offering accurate and realistic digital humans for improved user experiences across industries.


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