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Revolutionizing math learning with interactive problem-solving.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to a fun math learning adventure! What grade are you in?
Sample prompts:
Upload your math homework image here.
I'm a visual learner. Can you explain fractions using diagrams or images?
I've been struggling with statistics. Can we start with some basic problems and gradually increase the difficulty?
I get really anxious before tests. Do you have any tips for managing stress and organizing study time effectively?
Can you give me a fun quiz to test my understanding?
I'm stuck on this math problem. Can you show me a similar example and guide me through it step-by-step?
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Sphere AI - Elevated Math Helper is a GPT designed to transform math education for students from K-12 through to college. This GPT works by providing a personalized math learning experience, offering interactive problem-solving tasks, and offering instant feedback on the student's work.

Sphere AI enhances the learning process by using engaging and adaptive educational resources, aimed at making mathematics comprehensible and enjoyable.

The GPT is especially useful for students who learn visually as it can use diagrams or images to explain math concepts like fractions. It can help students understand statistics starting from basic to more complex problems.

It is also beneficial for dealing with exam stress and organizing study schedules effectively. Sphere AI can also test understanding through quizzes, or aid in solving specific math problems, by showing similar examples and guiding the student step by step.

This GPT requires ChatGPT Plus to function. It provides a fun interactive learning environment that supports academic success in mathematics for students of different ages and skill levels.


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