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ByHaimo Xiao
Personalized self-study courses and exercises.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Let's tailor your learning experience. 🦌
Sample prompts:
/plan 开始新的主题学习
/config 更新AI导师配置/偏好
/start 开始上课计划
/test 进行练习
/continue 继续学习
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Self-Study Mentor is a GPT designed by Haimo Xiao aiming to provide a personalized self-learning experience. The tool primarily uses the Chinese language as its default mode of communication, catering widely to a Chinese-speaking audience.

Its principal purpose is to aid and direct students or lifelong learners to self-study courses and exercises. Tailoring the learning experience for each user, the GPT uses strategic interactive prompts to guide users through their learning journey.

The prompts include commands to start learning a new subject, update AI mentor configuration/preferences, begin a lesson plan, carry out exercises, or continue learning.

These functions allow users to have a certain degree of control over their learning style and pace, thereby enhancing the tool's effectiveness. Please note that this GPT requires subscription to ChatGPT Plus.

The GPTs aim is to facilitate a productive self-study experience focusing on user-centric interaction and flexibility, making it suitable for individuals seeking an AI-assisted, personalized learning experience.


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