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ByTroy Fields
Learn The Feynman Way
Sample prompts:
I want to learn more about Coding
Help me understand how SEO works
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Feynman Learning is a GPT developed on the platform of ChatGPT. It has been designed with the purpose of helping users gain a comprehensive understanding on a wide array of topics by employing 'The Feynman Way' of learning.

This method embraces the idea that explaining complex information in simple, understandable terms is one of the best ways to grasp it. Therefore, this GPT might be of immense benefit to users wishing to delve deeper into diverse fields of study, but are seeking an effective, simplified approach to learning.

The GPT offers prompt starters such as 'I want to learn more about Coding' and 'Help me understand how SEO works', suggesting its capabilities to assist in areas of technology and digital marketing.

However, it is possible that the GPT could extend its aid to a variety of other topics as well. Do note that this tool requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for usage.


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