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Study aid for efficient student learning.
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ExamCram is an AI-powered app that helps students study more efficiently. It allows users to convert any type of media, such as lectures or textbook passages, into personalized study materials, including flashcards and practice tests.

ExamCram's AI algorithms automatically identify key concepts and create questions based on them, making it easy for students to focus on the most important information.

It also provides instant feedback and a personalized study plan so that students can track their progress and improve their grades. ExamCram is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.


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Mar 17, 2024
It's not able to analyse large file pdf and pop out with wrong message

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ExamCram was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 18th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Converts media into tests
Creates personalized study materials
Automatically identifies key concepts
Provides instant feedback
Personalized study plans
Tracks user progress
Aids in improving grades
High user ratings
Supports media conversion for studying
Allows quick concept identification
Features trackable progress
Supports iOS devices
Enhances efficient learning
Offers in-app purchases
Immediate test creation
Study material personalization
Instant progress feedback
Efficient grade improvement
Compatible with iPhone and iPad
Transforms textbook content to quizzes
Automated question creation
Personalized learning pathways
User progress insights
Aids in cramming study time
Transforms lectures into quizzes
Efficient test preparation support
Supports image to text conversion
Adaptable study plans
Provides focused learning
Self-adjusting learning plans


Only available on App Store
Requires iOS 16.0 or later
Offers in-app purchases
Data not linked to user
Limited language support-English only
24.9 MB size
Doesn't support Android devices
Doesn't specify different learning styles
Inaccessibility for older iOS versions
Age rating 4+


What is the main function of ExamCram?
How does ExamCram's AI-powered features work?
What types of media can ExamCram convert into study materials?
How does ExamCram identify key concepts?
How does ExamCram create questions based on key concepts?
Can ExamCram provide instant feedback on my progress?
Can ExamCram generate a personalized study plan?
What platforms is ExamCram available on?
Does ExamCram have a feature that tracks my progress?
What user ratings does ExamCram have on the App Store?
Is there an in-app purchase option in ExamCram?
What are the compatibility requirements for ExamCram?
How does ExamCram ensure my data privacy?
Can I share my in-app purchases in ExamCram with my family?
What are the language options for ExamCram?
What are the latest added features in ExamCram?
How can I get support if I have issues with ExamCram?
Can ExamCram help improve my grades?
How does ExamCram adjust the study plan according to my progress?
Is ExamCram available for all types of exams I need to prepare for?

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