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Steppit is a free platform that enables users to create and sell step-by-step guides and online courses easily. The platform boasts of an AI-powered planner and an easy-to-use course builder, making it cost-effective to create video courses without the need for special video editing equipment.

Steppit offers AI assistance every step of the way, enabling users to make and sell unlimited courses for free. The platform also allows users to estimate the earning potential of their courses by guiding them through a few quick questions with the help of an AI assistant.

Steppit strives to improve the learning experience by providing action-packed courses that guide learners step-by-step while getting hands-on in dedicated classes.

The platform has a high learner satisfaction rate of 97%, and learners can enjoy private classes, premium content, and easy-to-follow videos. The platform also offers interactive feedback, personal branding, and drip-fed content, among other additional features.

Steppit is completely free to use, and users can create and share unlimited courses. To unlock additional features such as AI-assisted video summaries, extended AI-assisted course plans, priority customer support, and more, users can opt for the Pro Channel at a fee of £30 per month.

Overall, Steppit is a platform that simplifies the creation and sale of immersive online courses, making it an excellent tool for entrepreneurs and educators.


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Pros and Cons


Free platform
Easy-to-use course builder
No special equipment needed
Make & sell unlimited courses
Private classes provision
Premium content availability
Interactive feedback feature
Personal branding option
Drip-fed content feature
High learner satisfaction rate
Actions-packed courses
Priority customer support
Personalised channel branding
Integrated sales tools
Private class posting feeds
Dedicated classes feature
Branded channel page
Step-by-step course creation
No video editing required
PDF downloads available
Up to 5 channel team members
Class photo posting feeds
Class group chats
Unlimited units in Pro Channel
Invite-only classes in Pro Channel
Automatic video summaries in Pro Channel
Weekly unlocking courses feature
Cohort-based classes
Portrait & landscape video accommodated
Direct payment through Stripe
Up to 4 units per course in free version
Revenue share on sales for free users
Course landing pages
Sharable public content links
Short-form video optimised
Awards certificates on completion
Courses are guided step-by-step
Build faster with Pro upgrade


No special video editing
Limited course units
Only Stripe payment integration
No automatic certificates
£30 for Pro Channel
Content only drip-fed weekly
No multi-language support
No Android or iOS apps


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How can I calculate potential earnings from my course on Steppit?


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